Biodiversity Genomics 2023 will, for the fourth year, be open, online and global. 


BG23 is free to attend, thanks to the generosity of sponsors and core support from the Wellcome Sanger Institute Tree of Life programme and Biodiversity Genomics Europe.




What to expect at BG23


Join thousands of researchers worldwide to hear all the latest findings and ideas as we strive to complete the goals of the Earth BioGenome Project: “sequencing life for the future of life”. 


The meeting will be a mix of sessions with invited talks, including keynote presentations, and open sessions of shorter talks proposed by researchers around the world. There will be a focus on regional initiatives and on the global drive to ensure equity and justice in biodiversity sequencing.


BG23 Schedule


BG2023 will run from Monday 02 October to Thursday 05 October 2023. 

The first day of the conference will be hosted by Biodiversity Genomics Europe. BGE is a pan-European consortium leading the way towards the comprehensive application of genomic science to biodiversity research, driving fundamental advances in conservation science and policy.

BG23 will then continue with three sets of daily sessions, each focussed on a different set of global time zones.


    • Day 1 03 October will be in daytime in the Americas
    • Day 2 04 October will be in daytime in Africa and Europe
    • Day 3 05 October will be in daytime in Australasia and Asia



We invite you to:

    • Register to attend
    • Submit an abstract for a short talk in one of the many open sessions


Biodiversity Genomics Academy


This year there will be an added twist to Biodiversity Genomics - the Biodiversity Genomics Academy (BGA23).

BGA23 is a series of free, open to all, online-only, short, interactive sessions on how to use the bioinformatics tools and approaches that underpin the Earth Biogenome Project (EBP).

BGA23 attendees will be able to discuss the installation and operation of bioinformatics toolkits in real time with the developers, take part in introductory exercises and masterclasses, and meet the other scientists who are also using the tools, building a global community of practice in biodiversity genomics.

18 such sessions are already scheduled from September 1-30, 2023, with more sessions to come. Find out more and sign up at